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Page history last edited by ruth billany 9 years, 10 months ago

Welcome to the research wiki for a collaborative community to explore the woman-horse relationship



The researcher Ruth Billany (bio) , a Psychology Lecturer at Charles Darwin University, is investigating
‘why horses are important to women’s lives in general and their wellbeing in particular’


Background and Methodology

Psychology Disciplines


Recent Thesis Research, Journal ArticlesTexts  and Conferences et al.


In the last thirty years there has been an increase in academic research on the human-animal relationship in relation to wellness.

Evidence shows the value of dogs for promoting physical health in groups such as, autistic children and the elderly.

However, there is limited research on the beneficial social and psychological effects of animals on their human companions.

There is anecdotal evidence to show that horses add to the social support for women in particular and that there is a special bond

between a woman and a horse.


The purpose of the project is to explore the positive effects that horses have on the wellbeing of women. It will bring this to the

attention of academia and may stimulate future research to investigate the woman:horse relationship.

Evidence from such studies might then inform future health policy to include recognition that animals (including horses) have an

important part to play in a nation’s health.

Ruth is collecting stories from women about how important horses are in their lives.

Lifestyle Choice, Early Horse Memories, The Gender Effect, Physical Wellbeing with Horses

Horse to Nurture, Horses Protect us, Horses Challenge us, Horses allow Fun,

Connection to Nature Connection to Others, Authentic Self,  One-ness

Horse as a Companion, Horse as a Friend, Horse as Therapist

Grief at Loss of Horse

After some initial analyses summaries (and excerpts - with permission) will be uploaded onto the wiki.

You are invited to read the progress of the research.



Who can take part in the wiki?

I am collecting stories from women (over 18 years) which describe how important horses have been in their lives. If you wish to contribute a story please send me your story in an email. Anonymity and confidentiality will be assured if requested and I shall ask your permission to upload your story onto the wiki.



The Charles Darwin University Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) approved this research (H08086) on 24 March 2009. If, during the course of the project, you have any concerns about the project or the researcher, you may contact the Executive Officer of the Charles Darwin University Human Research Ethics Committee, who is not connected with this project and who can pass on your concerns to appropriate officers within the University. The Executive Officer can be contacted on 08 8946 6498 or by email: cdu-ethics@cdu.edu.au 


Contact: Ruth Billany ruth.billany@cdu.edu.au to request editor rights for some web pages of this wiki.

I would greatly appreciate your assistance by agreeing to take part in this collaborative endeavour.

Your participation is completely voluntary and you may stop your involvement at any time.

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